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Malaysian Workers



Having Problems in getting a well-trained staff for your Office? Well, We can provide the solution to your staffing needs. For Qualified Employer, we can secured Temporary Upon Submission of Application. So that, your worker can start work immediately.

Clerk from Malaysia - Salary $900 to 1,100 per month

  • No CPF Contribution, No Levy & No Quota Restriction - 3 Year Work Permit
  • We provide Clerical staff including receptionists, Admin Accounts, Warehouse. staff...from Malaysia.

Malaysian Factory /General/ Production Worker – Salary $700 – 750/-

  • Foreign Worker’s Levy $80/- Per month only – 2 Year Work Permit
  • We also recruit Malaysia Indian or Chinese whom education level qualify for the low Levy of $80/- per month.

If you qualify, we will be able to secure temporary Work Permit upon submission
of Application.

Reasonable Agency Fee:
Agency Fee for successful candidate is $488/- with:

  • one (1) month guarantee and
  • one (1) replacement. Interview of candidate/s can be arranged.

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